Iconic milestones of the 10-year history of the brand “Emile Desvall” 2010 - 2020


The beginning of a fascinating story and the creation of the brand Emile Desvall. Emile produced his first branded hookahs with original design Classic Emile and The art of a hookah.

Manufacture video of Classic Emile


Bugatti by Emile Desvall – was the first co-branded hookah with the super sportscar manufacture, Bugatti.


Sport edition. the first hookah designed in carbon fiber and titaniu.


Classic Emile. Featuring in the music video “Shisha” by Massari & French Montana.


Drake edition. one of a kind hookah was handed personally by Emile Desvall to Drake in Stockholm.


Monaco Grand prix. retro hookah with Formula 1 legends was donated in an auction for autistic children in Monte Carlo.


Michael Jordan 23. possessed the largest collection of Sport edition.


Weeknd Starboy edition. one of a kind hookah was handed personally by Emile Desvall to Weeknd in Stockholm.

Lewis Hamilton edition & Kevin Hart, personally designed hookahs.


Golden Hookah, first hookah ever made in real gold and diamonds, was released in Stockholm and valuated 2.4 million €.


Emile Desvall made an exclusive interview for Anton Gayvoronsky in Moscow.


N°10,the 10.th year anniversary edition. Released in St. Petersburg at “Hookah club show”, the largest hookah exhibition in the world.

Once upon a time in Stockholm Emile Desvall had a dream to create the most desirable hookah in the world...

The journey for this challenge started ten years ago.

This adventure took him through 70 countries to seek inspiration from different cultures, architecture and history.

He discovered the ancient tradition was lacking a worthy hookah crafted for these special magic moments.

During the design process he decided to include the 5 elements which resulted in the flawless design.

Emile Desvall hookah stands for 5 core elements
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Material
  • Functionality
Technology facts: N°10
Designed and engineered in Sweden.
Twist ‘click 360, patented technology which make the base rotates around its own axle.
Gives an easy and fast opening and closing system.
Telescope twist, the telescope tube can be adjusted to the right water level as your preferences within 3 centimetres by twisting the upper tube.
Diffuser, patented technology that offers open diffuser which cut the air. Choose your level of air bubbles: 3, 6 or 12 cylinders.
Material: Titanium & crystal cut glass
Hight: 53 cm
Weight: 3,1 kg
Box: paper & foam, 25 x 49 x 22 cm
Silicon hose: 160 cm
Warranty: Lifetime on titanium
Made in Sweden